Young lady in shock as her father’s side chick shares video of them

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in shock as her father's shares video of them


Nigerian in severe pains as she discovers her father's side chick posting a loved up video of them on TikTok.

She was astounded by this evidence and took to sharing the unfortunate development with the rest of her siblings.

The side chick who is on Tiktok as @user7866353061882, posted a video of her and the , to which the responded, calling out their shamelessness.

Young lady in shock as her father's side chick shares video of themThe side chick.

Apparently, the father did not even like taking pictures with his own hence their at his joyfulness while making the video with the side chick.

Here are some reactions to the video

_ric_kky advised: “Children Train you daddy well so that he will not embarr@ss the 😂”

topman_tech noted: “In as much as the female is to be blamed for following your dad. Please blame your dad more, he must have given greenlight to the younger lady shamefully. Men should be accountable too.”

cenchihairfactory wrote: “Daddy even Dey use toothpick to show una say he don chop her 😂😂😂😂😂😂”

tutu_blossom added: “Toh, Later una go dey query Danielle why she commot Yul name for her ig. E easy? To see your papa wey you love, respect come reduce himself online? If you have family members that embarrass you on the gram, wouldn't you want to isolate yourself from them on ig?”

akanbitheduke asked: “So, you brought your family shame online to do what exactly? So that your online in-laws can flog your dad? You don't need . He obviously gave birth to you. It's the same of the same. Trying to correct a wrong with a more devastating wrong always results in calamity. Congratulations to your family.”

Watch the video here

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