Wife finds receipts from Chicken Republic in hubby’s pocket after meat ban

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Wife finds receipts from Chicken Republic in hubby's pocket after meat ban


Wife solicits advice over her who banned the consumption of meat in their home due to the economic situation, only to find payment receipts from Chicken Republic in his pocket.

The unknown took to a platform to narrate the ordeal in hope of getting a solution on how to handle her situation.

wife husband pocket receipts chicken republic meat washing.

The lady revealed that her husband decided that they will no longer consume meat in the because of the economic situation of the country.

It was shocking for her to find incriminating evidence showing that he wasn't keeping his own side of the bargain.

According to her, while washing his cloth, she found payment receipts from Chicken Republic where he had been going to make purchases, while banning them from eating meat.

She stated that he buys 2 chickens from the eatery to eat everything alone without them knowing.

Her account read …

“my hubby said due 2 economic situation of tins we should only eatmeat wen there is festive period dat thins cost.we hv only 1 ,do u no dat my hubby uses his money 2buy chicken 4rm chicken Republic&eat alone,l got 2no wen I was washin his clothes,he hides d paymnt receipts in one of his pocket”

thereadingmom.ng said: “It's good to marry a sensible and also have your own money.”

_somebodys1stson remarked: “You mean you have 2 and you are a mom cuz that's no husband let alone a . A man makes sure everyone at home is satisfied first before indulging his personal cravings. You never marry yet”

chiomaosondu penned: “Buy your own too na.. have money before marriage una no Dey hear, now look at you a wifey with no meat 🥩 😂😂😂😂”

charliepumpin asked: “Which kind people some of una dey marry? 🙄🤔”

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