“Why Returning Bride Price is Wrong”: Man Educates Bride’s Family, Shares Personal Experience

“Why Returning Bride Price is Wrong”: Man Educates Bride’s Family, Shares Personal Experience

“Why Returning Bride Price is Wrong”: Educates Bride's Family, Shares Personal Experience


A Nigerian man took the opportunity to discuss with a bride's family the ethical implications of returning the dowry, a practice he deemed inconsistent with biblical teachingsHe emphasized the importance of adhering to the tradition of paying the dowry, arguing that it is a crucial aspect of the marriage process that should be respectedDrawing from his own life as an example, he shared that when his daughter got married, he accepted the dowry without any intention of returning it

A Nigerian man dedicated time to elucidate to a bride's family the danger of refunding the dowry once settled for their daughter.

The video revealed the man asserting that returning the dowry goes against biblical principles, highlighting the significance of fulfilling the matrimonial custom of dowry payment.

The man explained the importance of receiving bride price. Photo credit: @tush_alaga
Source: TikTok

To reinforce his stance, he cited his personal experience as a precedent, disclosing that he, as a , had accepted the dowry for his own daughter upon her marriage and refrained from issuing any reimbursement, as shared by @tush_alaga.

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Watch the video below:

Henzodaily.ng compiled some of the reactions below:

Ololade signature said:

“My family returned it to my husband, but I collected it from him.”

Folababy15 wrote:

“Exactly, my dad collected my bride price too. My gives biblical reason why it should be collected.”

Holammy1 commented:

“If the man has put much money in the envelope to entice people because he thought they return but he wants to form say the money they otilo.”

Ayo. J. Croxx:

“Yes they should collect the bride price and give it to the wife.”

Israel olutomi:

“I go collect the bride price use water, wash the groom's hands sef and use the money to prepare pounded yam and efo riro with plenty assorted meat.”


“We must eradicate the idea of returning the bride price.”

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Emporium varieties:

“We are yorubas. We do not accept bride price, better still, give it to the bride.”

Nurse Oye:

“Lol, they will return 10k bride price but collect 40 yam, of , cow and so on why not return everything my Yoruba people sometimes will just make me laugh.”


“My dad do not have any reason for not returning d money o baba Ko si apo ni ooo.”

Akindele Omobolanle:

“Exactly my point, why would you return bride price… For what na.”


bless you sir, Agba o ni tan Lori ile. dowry is to be collected by brides but awon Alaga isonu change it and people ignorantly buy it.”

Martins Omolola Adenike:

“Accepting bride price gives the bride the spiritual right to call his husband “olowo ori mi'.”

Father returns bride's dowry to groom

Meanwhile, Henzodaily.ng earlier reported that a Nigerian father surprised the groom's family by giving back the dowry money they had paid for his daughter.

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The father, who belonged to the Yoruba ethnic group, explained that it was a customary practice in his culture to return the bride's dowry, as a sign of respect and appreciation.

He said that he did not sell his daughter, but rather gave her away with love and joy.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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