VIRAL: “Your wives are only respecting God and honoring you” – Man tells cheating husbands after seeing the caliber of men in his wife’s DM

Man tells

“Your wives are only respecting and honoring you” – tells cheating husbands after seeing the caliber of men in his 's DM


A Nigerian man, identified as Bishop Solex, has taken to to address men who cheat on their wives and believe their wives lack options.

Solex, a father of one, asserted that some men are making a big mistake if they think their wives lack the opportunity to cheat like them.

According to him, many are only choosing to respect God and honor their , otherwise they would also be unfaithful as they have the option to sleep with multiple men if they want to.

 Man tells

Solex shared these thoughts in a post on his page on Monday, March 18, after seeing the kind of men sliding into his wife's DM.

Read his full post below,

“Husband stop pushing your wife to the wall. Every wife can cheat if the husband is not sensitive,” he wrote.

Some husbands think that they are more smarter than their wife when they engage in adultery.

Oga na pity your wife they pity you, if she pay you back you fit run mad or commit

If your wife need more than ten men that she will have extra marital with today she will get them free of charge

She is only respecting God, honouring you and the marital vow she took…

Yes, I intentionally typed the above statement

 Man tells Man tells

If I tell you the caliber of men in my wife's DM with messages like; “hello pretty, my queen, hello dear, pretty angel, hi damsel etc. You go no say women they try

The reason why wife don't misbehave is because women are more responsible, they have dignity and integrity than men… They have self value and worth

Men respect your wives, stop making them share innocent tears… Don't kill what she has for you, if a 's love die it will be very difficult to revive it a again.

Let's treat them right. They deserve the best. #cheatinghusband #adultery.”

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