VIRAL: “Won’t the engine knock?” – Man stuns many as he shows off his unusual way of saving fuel in this economy

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“Won't the engine knock?” – stuns many as he shows off his unusual way of saving in this economy


A young has captivated many online with his unconventional method to economizing fuel amid economic challenges in the country.

The shared online shows a man wearing only a trying to use a , probably to deal with the intense heat.

Rather than employing conventional methods, the man opts for a unique tactic by tilting the generator at an angle, with the fuel pipe pointed downward.

"Won't the engine knock?" - Man stuns many as he shows off his unusual way of saving fuel in this economy

The intention seems to be to let fuel flow freely through the pipe without filling up the entire fuel tank, hence presumably saving on fuel consumption.

The video has ignited a flurry of reactions online, with many expressing disbelief and skepticism about the effectiveness and safety of such a technique.

Some have raised concerns that this method may potentially damage the generator's engine or pose safety hazards.


Onu Val lyke said; “Used to think are only agboros, I didn't know they no get Senses too.”

Ndubueze Emmanuel said; “The gen dey life support?”

Osaroluka Jima said; “Na lie, that fuel will finish before you know it.”

OGnice said; “The engine will knock before 5 minutes bro.”

Opukiri Tee Jay said; “ Very unsafe, it could ignite fire, as the engine struggles to work.”

Tobiloba Joseph Loba Loba said; “Nothing is working for Chelsea and it's fans at the moment.”

Emeka Edwozor said; “The engine oil will not circulate properly. From there the Gen go knock.”

Emmanuel Itodo said; “Oga this pattern of fuel saving will rather cost you more. Engine will definitely knock as the engine oil needs proper circulation.”

Kan Yin Sola said; “Imagine if them they tiff the gen and him Dey
inside thinking na the fuel Don finally finish ni.”

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