VIRAL: Why I am ready to risk it all for Portable

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Why I am ready to risk it all for Portable


While stating reasons for wanting to risk it all, the gushes over the controversial street rapper, Portable.

After teaming up with the rapper Skepta, Portable has become a prominent figure in discussions within the Nigerian entertainment scene.


In a recent video from Inside Scoops by Pulse, hosted by BBNaija star , Destiny Amaka highlighted why the singer has captured her attention as her preferred kind of .

According to the actress, the singer comes off as intelligent and as a caring man who aligns physically and spiritually with her taste.

destiny amakadestiny amaka

“I'm ready to risk my reputation, my family, career and all because he is intelligent and caring when he loves you. In his nonsense, there's sense. If we are being honest, Portable talks sense from a spiritual and physical aspect. If you're talking about physical attraction, I am physically attracted to him,” she said.

Reactions as Destiny Amaka vows to risk it all for Portable

Fidelis32029227 said: “I like the fact that this is being genuine. I give her kudos for the fact that she gave reasonable points why she can risk it all for portable. I commend her. She didn't hide her feelings.”

T0LUSHE noted: “It's not about Portable's sense, it's his . Another reason to make money guys.”

fuunnad penned: “When Dey say as a man you need to be successful, this is what Dey are talking about. If portable no blow like this I'm name no fit Dey this lady mouth.”

SirMurphy164479 opined: “This one no bi ordinary eyes again. I swear Portable don dey use jazz for all these .”

Iam_Mimoa reacted: “I understand and relate to it. Portable ans sense and is actually kind when he lives a but in this case she stylishly said the main reason she wants portable, cos of his money!”

Watch the video below …

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