VIRAL: Why Dani Alves with over €50m fortune cannot afford €1m bail price

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Why Dani Alves with over €50m fortune cannot afford €1m bail price


Former star Dani Alves finds himself in a dire situation, unable to afford the €1million bail granted him.

Despite his considerable wealth, estimated at over €50 million amassed over a two-decade career, Alves is unable to access most of his funds.

The majority of his fortune is tied up in , where his accounts have been frozen due to unpaid maintenance to his ex- and two .

While Alves holds two accounts in , one is empty, and the other, containing €50,000, is under a legal embargo, rendering it insufficient to cover the bail amount.

Why Dani Alves with over €50m fortune cannot afford €1m bail priceDani Alves in dire need of financial support for his bail – Getty image

Consequently, Alves's family is scrambling to secure a line of credit to meet the bail requirement.

The initial €150,000 damages fee paid to the victim was covered by Neymar Junior and his family.

However, they declined to assist with the bail fee following Alves's conviction.

Recall Alves was sentenced to four and a half years in for rape, in addition to the damages paid, a restraining order, and probation upon sentence completion.

His defence has appealed for an innocent verdict, while the prosecution seeks to double his sentence, and the victim pursues the maximum 12-year term.

Alves has until the end of Monday to provide the for his ball, or risk spending more time in prison, until the of verdict of his appeal.

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