VIRAL: Those in charge should please release Verydarkman

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Those in charge should please release


Popular , makes a case for the controversial activist, Verydarkman as she publicly appeals to the authorities to release him.

It would be recalled that the controversial personality was reportedly locked up in a cell in for allegedly cyberbullying .

saida boj verydarkman release saida boj verydarkman release Saida Boj.

The influencer, Saida BOJ has come out to please with the powers that be to free Verydarkman.

She acknowledged that he can be a nuisance but that they cannot just simply abandon him in jail, and would treat him simply as that stubborn that cannot be thrown away.

saida boj verydarkman releasesaida boj verydarkman releaseVerydarkman.

She pleaded with those who have the power to release him to please release from detention.

yomide__xx_ penned: “If he come out now he go still insult you for this video wey you do!!! Make he stay there till December for the sake of Christmas, make dem release am👩‍🦯”

an_na_bella11 wrote: “Whatever you do, no allow them you on Friday”

ekua_paulla said: “My own be say why Bob Risky dey behave like he's untouchable????? He's been doing all this nonsense for years , is saying them never see ???? Abi they wan use VeryDarkMan as scapegoat cuz E reach to say what he said ….💯 #freeverydarkmannow”

florishbaba remarked: “He was arrested on Friday just to make him look weak lol he's coming out tomorrow 😂”

Watch the video below …

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