VIRAL: Moment CCTV catches lady stealing phone at a store

Moment CCTV catches lady stealing phone at a store

Moment CCTV catches at a store


Lady stealing phone CCTV store

A trending video shows the moment a lady is caught on camera stealing a cashier's phone at a store.

The lady was spotted at the cashier counter where the attendant was busy packing the groceries a customer had purchased.

Lady stealing CCTV store phoneLady stealing CCTV store phoneLady steals phone.

When the lady noticed that the cashier was too busy and engrossed with the task she was on, she furtively stretched her hands and stole a phone lying on the cashier.

She held the phone and pretended as though it was hers, without knowing that her and act had been captured by a hidden CCTV camera.

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fnprincekay said: “This is the clearest CCTV I've seen 😂 Her face show. She can't even escape this one”

ble_ssing_sunday said: “Thank her face is clear, so won't her by mistake”

bintaaaa said: “Stealing is so pointless you can't even use it”

bekki_rivers said: “I hope she's my ex babe 😂”

benn_cj said: “Na Girls thief pass but we are not ready for dis conversation 😂😂😂”

next_autos said: “This CCTV clear well , her face show ,her shoe shine 😂😂”

relationship_life_with_kunle said: “This is the typical example of YOUR FACE SHOW, YOUR SHOE SHINE. God help us already 😂😢”

Watch the video below:

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