VIRAL: Man recounts how mom treated his girlfriend when he invited her

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recounts how mom treated his girlfriend when he invited her


Mixed reactions follow as a man recounts what his did when he invited his girlfriend to his house for dinner for the very first time.

The man known as a @@emOwhbee revealed that sometime ago when he was still in the market, he had his girlfriend over to his house.

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During this time, his mother was home, and she had dished out the which he took to her in the sitting room.

He stated that after they had their meal and were about to leave, his girlfriend thanked his mother for the food, but she didn't respond.

Rather than respond, his mother asked her whether she washed the plates she used to eat, and this question had shocked him.

Read the narration below:

“Fareeda I use to think I didn't care about these things but something happened long time ago while I was in the dating pool.This babe followed me to the house and it was only mumcy around. The all were out so mumcy dished food for us.

I carried the food to the dining table myself from the kitchen then called this shawty over from the sitting room to join me let's eat. After the meal I got some few bucks from mumcy and was about to leave. So this girl now went “thank you ma for the food”🥹

As if my mum had planned it..she didn't even lift her head as she was pressing her phone then she went “did you wash my plates?” 🤣🤣🤣
The girl turn look me open eyes…me sef spread my eyes wide I kukuma didn't know this was going to happen, am as shocked

as u are girl. B4 could mutter any answer mumcy was like go inside that kitchen & wash my plates before you leave this house!
Wetin burst my brain be say me and mumcy never spoke about that incident up to this very day
But I got the message”

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