VIRAL: Leaked chat between Portable and Bobrisky causes buzz online

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Leaked chat between Portable and Bobrisky causes buzz online


A leaked conversation between Portable and controversial crissdresser Bobrisky has caused a buzz online.

The drama between the duo began after Bobrisky was announced the Best-Dressed at a movie premiere.

Bob and many other har stormed the ‘' movie premiere which held during the weekend.

During the , many netizens were shocked when they heard who was announced the Best-Dressed.

However, Portable who didn't find this funny took to his social media account to react to the pronouncement as he wondered whether Bobrisky was fit to be called a .

It appears the feud between them did not end online as a leaked chat between the duo shows them hurling insults at each other.

Ngoziogu said: “Who was patiently waiting for Portables voice.”

Officialsantus reacted: “Why will Bobrisky always threatening people with ? Is there something they are not tell us?”

Officialogvictor stated: “Who else notices that Bobrisky man voice dey always come out if he's angry.”

Jaylodolls added: “Portable finish mommy of with the can your post you are they proud of you?”

Pj.stars said: “Portable confronting Bob with English is the highlight for me. Oga said “you are my brotherhood”.

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