VIRAL: Lady who hadn’t seen her dad in 10 years finds him walking on street

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who hadn't seen her in 10 years finds him walking on street


A lady identified as @sixwordswithsj has recounted her shocking experience of reuniting with her long-lost after a 10-year separation.

The emotional encounter occurred in a manner that has captivated millions on .

According to reports, @sixwordswithsj was driving along a road when she caught sight of a figure that bore an uncanny resemblance to her estranged father, whom she hadn't seen for a decade.

Sensing something familiar, she halted her and approached the , only to be met with a surreal realization that it was indeed her father standing before her.

“Oh! Hey!” her dad exclaimed as he bent his head to see the and tried to get into her car to which she declined, she wrote.

Netizens Reactions…

honey said; “Keep the … I just know this hurt.”

papasparkles said; “He looks like my nieces dad that's been missing for just about 10 years now . “ you might got a .”

raeesuavee said; “And had the audacity to think he was getting in the car.”

Jai said; “The “no hell nah” took me out I'm sorry.”

RSO REGG said; but it's clear this is a toug”Y'all laughing h situation. I'm praying for your dad and you to find peace with each other.”

Bmorelikety4 said; “He talking about “hey” like y'all just seen each other.”

iluvvurbaee said; “Everyone laughing but this is genuinely so sad I can feel that pain irl I'm so sorry.”

Luis said; “He talkin bout some “heyyy” as if he saw yall the other day.” 

See below;


Soo… yall want a story time, or yall good? #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #fyp #DaddyIssues 🤦🏾‍♀️

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