VIRAL: Lady returns from America after 7 years to wash mother’s clothes

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returns from after 7 years to wash mother's clothes


A who recently returned from the of America after seven years has melted hearts online with a video.

According to the lady identified as @davemart2024 on TikTok, she missed washing her mother's clothes and was so excited to get the chance to do it again.

In her words; “After 7 years in America, I'm finally back home to wash my mom's clothes again. I miss doing it so much.”

The video sparked reactions from netizens who had different things to say about her .

Glenda said: “Which America my is it the United States or maybe there is another one we don't know.”

@lorty_frane said: “Hw3 Ghana is America to .”

NIILIY said: “U mean Ghanada.”

Posy commented: “United States of Ghana.”

CHERRY said: “I'm you here in America.”

Nashmahanna said; “I want to comment but i don't my English.”

Everythingmarvel said: “I spot GGM garnet, it's the sparkles for me.”

I'm JuSoo said: “Amerina.”

Watch the video below:


My sweetheart 💋💋💋

♬ I my mom – 🌹PŘÉŤŤÝØMØ₩ŲMÏ🥀

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