VIRAL: “I’ve been held hostage” – Nigerian lady driving from London to Lagos cries out

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“I've been held hostage” – driving from London to Lagos cries out


A Nigerian lady, , who is driving from London to Lagos by road, has taken to to express her distress over being held hostage at the Liberian border.

The London-Lagos road traveller, took to her page to share her ordeal with a global audience in a bid to seek assistance.

Just hours after navigating challenges at the Sierra Leone border, Pelumi Nubi took to TikTok to voice her distress over being detained in Liberia against her will.

In a video message, the Nigerian lady disclosed that she had been held in Liberia for a staggering 48 hours.

"I've been held hostage" - Nigerian lady driving from London to Lagos cries out

“For the past two days, I've been held hostage in this country. As a Nigerian citizen, I have every right to transit through Liberia,” the lady lamented.

Detailing her latest setback, she described her current situation at the Liberian border.

“Currently at the Liberian border and we've met yet another obstacle. So, I am having to sleep at the border again. At this point, I have run out of count of how much I need to sleep at the border. I am actually exhausted. You know what they say – “In all things give thanks.”

“I'm really trying to be thankful, no matter the circumstances. I won't give up; I'll attempt once more to gain entry into Liberia with Lumi,” she added.

Seeking support from her followers and well-wishers, Pelumi Nubi urged them to keep her in their prayers.

“Always put me in your prayers.”

I have experienced every emotion, from getting really angry to having a complete meltdown. I keep asking myself why it's so hard for Africans to travel in their own continent.”

Netizens Reactions…

Emancipation said; “This is sad, because any Africans travelling to Liberia will think twice about visiting the country.”

Mr K said; “In Sierra Leone you enter the country with a right hand vehicle which was against the law and made a whole video about it. Now you are making another video about Liberia. Obey the law.”

Ehbayreh said; “!!! We are our own enemy. The fact that you traveled through with little to no incidents but your continent.”

Betty said; “What I have noticed so far in this your journey is that it was easier for you to transit through European countries than countries even as an African.”

reinedamsel1 said; “Is Liberia not an ECOWAS country? I thought entry into an ECOWAS country was a seamless process for .”

MadelineWBooks said; “Liberia stop frustrating this woman. We've been following her journey since the beginning.”

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Day 52| My worst experiences so far since my solo drive from London to Lagos has been crossing West African Borders! ❌

♬ original sound – Pelumi Nubi | Solo Traveler

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