VIRAL: “I was owed 8 months salary at a point in my career” – VJ Adams

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“I was owed 8 months at a point in my career” –


"I was owed 8 months salary at a point in my career; I kept working non-stop" – VJ Adams

Popular media personality, Adams Ibrahim Adebola, better known as VJ Adams recounts how he was owed eight months salary earlier in his career but kept on working regardless.

The renowned presenter revealed in an interview with Chude that he was not paid for eight months of work, yet he kept working even after other presenters quit. VJ Adams remained silent when asked what the organization's name was.

VJ Adams VJ Adams VJ Adams

He claimed that there was a need for the work to continue and that, because he enjoyed it, he was happy to comply.

He further asserted that he urged younger presenters who joined in to continue working without being paid and apologized to them on the show because no one should work for free.

In his words: “All other presenters resigned; they left. So there was a demand for the work to continue, and I was willing. I was working non-stop. I was showing up every day. No one should, though. At some point when other people, younger presenters, joined, and I think I'm gonna apologize to them now, I almost used because I was older and I was working to tell them to also continue working. That's a terrible thing to do. I shouldn't have.”


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