VIRAL: “I am hoping for a good man to come into my life and marry me” – Abuja-based crossdresser

"I am hoping for a good man to come into my life and marry me" – Abuja-based crossdresser

“I am hoping for a good to come into my life and me” – Abuja-based


Crossdresser marry marriage man

Abuja-based crossdresser, Area Mama opens up on his desire to retire from hook up and settle into marriage, as he clarifies his with .

In a recent interview, the crossdresser revealed that he has been into for a longtime and the lifestyle is something that dates back to when he was .

Crossdresser marry marriage man Crossdresser marry marriage man Area Mama.

He spoke on his job as a male ho.o.ker, saying that he usually get patronised by many clients, some of who pretend as if they don't know he's a man.

Area Mama however expressed hopes on getting married to a good man so that he can retire from .

On his relationship with Bobrisky, he revealed that he doesn't really like the -based crossdresser, noting that they're not essentially the same.

ay coker_fasuyi observed: “So these people no longer get arrested…. Interesting”

doziecute wrote: “How did you know what means at age 10? Just tell them who abused you when you were a kid and stop fooling.”

vicky_oraj said: “The person that granted him this interview is m@d”

veevogee stated: “May we not give b!rth to what we 1145 can't explain”

Watch him speak below …

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