VIRAL: Father catwalks in new shoes, while his wife, daughter laugh

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Father catwalks in new , while his , laugh


A hilarious father had his daughter and beautiful wife in fits of laughter, rolling on the floor as he catwalked through the living room to show off his new shoes.

The video, titled “My Got a New Shoe,” captures the father beaming with pride as he slips on the new shoes.

"If e easy, run am" - Nigerian dad's hilarious catwalk leaves wife, daughter in fits of laughter as he buys new shoeNigerian father catwalks in new shoes, while his wife, daughter laugh.

With exaggerated movements and a raised hand, he struts in slow motion, eliciting laughter from his wife and daughter.

Unable to contain her amusement, the wife is seen doubled over, rolling with laughter.

Before long, the video gained traction on , prompting various reactions.

See some reactions below:

Suzzylexxy: “he shoe shine he con still show 🤭.. If e easy run am.”

Kintybaddie: “I wasn't looking at the shoe sef, nah daddy funny act I Dey look, nah so my dad to Dey do when he was alive 😢, God will protect and keep urs for you.”

MUKADAⓂ️_KEULERE: “Na this supposed born me exactly how I do if I buy new clothes or shoe.”

Papee: “na the new shoe e wear come yesterday, I see this particular shoe inside club yesterday.”

@i am temi💞: “This is my dadddyyy😂😂 this man go still bring the leg out shake am.”

Tonia: “hey no easy to buy shoe for this regime 🤣🤣🤣🤣 leave daddy o.”

AMEENAH: “I will my dad was this playful but NO hell NO fucking No he go dey shine eye up and down.”



#My father na comedian 😂😂😂

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