VIRAL: Elderly man moved to tears as stranger gifts him cash for medical bills

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Elderly moved to tears as stranger him cash for medical bills


An elderly man sparked emotional reactions on social media as he burst into tears, crying as he was given a bundle of cash by a stranger to take care of his medical bills.

This was captured in a video captioned: “BABA SAID SOMETHING THAT MADE ME CRY IN THIS VIDEO.”

"Who owns this?" - Elderly Nigerian man moved to tears as good Samaritan gifts him wad of cash for medical billsElderly man moved to tears as stranger gifts him cash for medical bills.

In the video, a lady could be seen explaining herself to the of the man, who is allegedly sick, while adding that her followers have contributed money for her to give to him.

The explained that she had planned to take the man to the and pay his bills with the money given to her by her followers.

However, according to her, the family of the man refused to allow her to take him to the hospital and record a video of it.

Since he was refused treatment and recording, the Nigerian lady visited the man and gave him the money in cash, money which ought to have been used to pay his hospital bills had he been taken there.

When he was given the money, the man was so surprised that he couldn't help but burst into tears.

The video attracted the attention of many individuals who have stormed the comment page of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

kemite: “why can't the allow.her take him to the hospital , imagine where he is taking treatment is not conducive for treatment.”

Oluwafiadekemi omoADE1: “seems something is wrong somewhere. pls ask for the Dr, how true is it? pls sis you need to ask to see the Dr. bless you sis.”

Engr. otunubi Sherif: “did you hear what baba said after thankingGod?..”Íbí lawon kan ro, Sugbon dáádáà lojasi”..God is wonderful through you ayanfe.”

TheBest❤️💰: “I think this man is good person in his young age cos I can't imagine how God will be blessing you at this old age you can't work again. JUST DO GOOD.”

kimbadesigns1239: “I swear always cry when looking at this baba, he so much look like my , exactly the same symptoms with his illness.”

kimvic28: “God please answer all my prayers,I want to be part of those things but there's no capacity yet,Bless me lord so I can bless others.”

oluwabukoladiva: “I'm glad his happy at this “evening” of his life. His tears means a lot but in all thanks to God. May mercy not depart from this Ladie's life and all those that ve supported.”



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