VIRAL: “Delay is not denial” – Woman finally finds love, gets married

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“Delay is not denial” – finally finds love, gets


finally finds love after many years of being single as viral showcases a moment from her traditional .

The Nigerian woman is reported to have been single for many years until love came her way.

woman finds love Woman.

A video that was shared on social media shows the moment she was handed a gourd of palm wine to give her love.

In the usual traditional rite, she took the gourd and made a show of looking for the before finally identifying him amongst the crowd and handing the palm wine to him.

africanflamingo_ said: “If you deserve a life , may answer your prayer this year!”

udochukwucarloss opined: “Probably they didn't do this when they were young… so they want to fulfill tradition Chikina”

usendollar alleged: “Thanks for posting my aunt but you should've tagged me thou ! Her name is Elizabeth! She's has been single all her life because of betray she got from her early ❤ I'm so happy for her ! I'm going to sponsor this weddings ! I just bought 50 already 🐄🐄🐄🐄”

happygal650 stated: “Men choke but na you they find Timini”

_alex_obi wrote: “This night go go well o 😂😂 honeymoon go hot”

Watch video below …

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