VIRAL: “Cooking doesn’t keep a man” – Lady advises fellow women (WATCH)

"Cooking doesn't keep a man" – Lady advises fellow women (WATCH)

doesn't keep a ” – advises fellow (WATCH)


Different reactions trailed on after a lady advised fellow women to erase the popular opinion that cooking keeps a man in a relationship, stating most women have been deceived.

Sharing on , the lady identified as @Ciatajolie exclaimed that women were deceived at a young age that it is compulsory for them to know how to cook different delicacies in order to keep their man in .

Speaking in the video, the lady revealed that in this present age will never question whether a is skillful enough to cook because they have personal chefs which are affordable.

In her words,

“Cooking doesn't keep marriage o, it doesn't even keep relationship, number one thing is your personality, do you respect the man, how does your spirit flow with the man spirit, all those other things na rubbish”

She explained to her fellow women that it is nonsense when a man keep asking if a woman has the ability of cooking.

However, she noted that a woman's personality, spirit mindedness and respect for her will keep a man in the marriage or relationship.

She emphasized that cooking can't keep a man except a woman with great personality.

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