VIRAL: “Child won’t get good parenting”

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“Child won't get good parenting”


Controversial critic Verydarkman drags 's baby mama, Queen Mercy, and her husband, David, for flaunting another 's child and trying to use the child to spite Lamba.

Social media has gone into a frenzy since the reality star, Queen Mercy got engaged to her man, David, who has expressed fondness for her and has taken her like his own.

Verydarkman queen mercy child Verydarkman. Photo source: Google.

They had had their civil during the weekend and photos and videos from the had surfaced online leaving netizens gushing over it.

Verydarkman took to his to show a snippet from the event and questioned whether Queen Mercy's husband, David doesn't feel somehow carrying another man's child as his own and trying to separate her from her biological father.

Verydarkman opined that what the are seeking is social media validation and their is possibly going to be fraught with issues eventually.

Verydarkman queen mercy child Verydarkman queen mercy child Queen Mercy and husband. Photo source: Instagram.

Speaking further he said that there is zero chances of the little getting a good parenting.

Read some comments from netizens:

onyeji_ugo said: “When you see a man who is poorly raised and lacks love at home you would know. Dirtyman”

hairs_by_olive said: “If vdm got good parenting , we won't have seen this side of him 😂🤲🏼”

sammi_onahi said: “Honestly all the display with the child wasn't necessary. But surely they'll gather and insult cos they h8 VDM.”

pretty_chinenye_ said: “Rest in name , so single mothers can't find love again eeeeh”

laidelly said: “This man is a nuisance. Lamba started the social media shenanigans. How is he dragging the child with Lamba.”

Watch the video below:

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