VIRAL: “$2millon stone” – Man shares video of ‘precious stone’ he found on site while working, allegedly worth millions of dollars

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“$2millon stone” – shares video of ‘precious stone' he found on site while working, allegedly worth of


A video featuring young claiming to have discovered a precious stone allegedly valued at $2 has caused a buzz online.

The video, which has since gone viral, shows the unidentified displaying the alleged rare stone with expressions of joy and excitement.

According to reports, the discovery was made in an undisclosed location while the men were in routine work, seemingly stumbled upon the precious stone hidden beneath a rock.

Man shares video of precious stone he found on site while working, allegedly worth $2 million

The video has sparked a flurry of reactions online, with many expressing doubt and questioning the authenticity of the claim.

While some have congratulated the men on their apparent stroke of luck, others have raised concerns about the legitimacy of the find.


Isaac Ugochukwu asked; “Is that stone or Gold?”

Damilola Mesayete said; “This is Lead Stone…Where is it Located:”

Goodnews Gotech said; ” E go shock unah when the stone no worth shishi.”

Christian Ukwo said; “More tan this is beneath your feet, wherever you are in .”

Isaac Chemiron said; “That's a Smoky quartz stone.”

Temitope Jacob asked; “Which of the stones are new generation stones?”

Eze Ogbonnia Eze said; “Who told them that lie? Even if the stone is is worth it, the will not tell then the real worth.”

Dinma Azuma said; “ done remember them.”

Ye Chân said;“Why did they record this? If it's truly valuable, wouldn't it be wise to unearth the ones they can, sell it and lock up?”

Ncha Prudence said; “Hopefully it brings them good fortune and not taking from them by those who will claim to be power in that community.”

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