Rotary Launches Action Group For Peace

Rotary Launches Action Group For Peace

Rotary Launches Action Group For Peace


Rotary Nigeria National Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention Committee has transitioned to the Rotary Action Group for Peace – Nigeria Chapter; becoming the first RAGFP Chapter in Africa.

At the launch over the weekend, Rotary International President, Gordon McInally, joined by the Rotary Action Group for Peace Chair, PDG Michael Hayes and other senior Rotary leaders commissioned the Nigeria Chapter in an unprecedented charter ceremony.

Gordon expressed deep pleasure to anchor, and be part of the launching ceremony of the RAGFP Nigeria Chapter, and stated that Rotary International has a vital role in advancing the cause of peace across the globe, and that Rotarians need to work to urge peace as resolutely as those that wish to wage war.

He said Rotary needs to do far more than just talk about peace; even though the very first step in creating peace is to talk to one another.

The RI president further acknowledged the complexities within Rotary, and emphasized the need for such diversities to complement each other to actualise the much needed global peace.

He recounted his experiences during his recent tour of the African Continent (Gordon Africa Hope Tour) which kick started with Nigeria, and highlighted the Rwanda genocide, forgiveness and recovery story as bearing testament to his long standing belief that indeed, peace is possible.

The RI president pat Rotarians on the back, citing that Rotary has been doing a lot for peace by building economies, addressing community health and wellness issues, and acting as advocates for peace, but that more needs to be done sustainably for peace.


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