Rich Man Approaches 2 Curvy Ladies, Pretends to Be poor, They Refuse to Help Him

Rich Man Approaches 2 Curvy Ladies, Pretends to Be poor, They Refuse to Help Him

Rich Man Approaches 2 Curvy Ladies, Pretends to Be poor, They Refuse to Help Him


A wealthy and generous man approached some ladies and pretended to need financial assistanceTwo of the ladies did not bother to help despite having some money with them and only a lady responded kindlyThe man rewarded the lady’s kind gesture with much as her two friends stood looking surprised at her change of fortune

A rich man (Ali Boy) who always gives strangers money saw three ladies at an ATM trying to make a withdrawal.

After greeting them, the man begged them for R20 (N1,202) . Two of the curvy ladies turned him down.

One said they could not help, and the other focused on the ATM machine. Only a lady among them gave him some money.

The man rewarded the kind one and said he was actually not in need of their money. He gave her more than she expected.

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The two ladies who earlier considered him too poor were surprised by the sudden generous act.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Chribo said:

“That 2 in the back regret it nice move Ali boy.”

mabhiza joked:

“Eish i gave my last transport money at spar to a guy begging thinking was u ..he thanked me and i had to ask people for transport money ayy.”

Moshitoa Hans said:

“I’ll never speak to anyone while withdrawing or depositing money.”

@raynashe said:

“Those 2girls are hurt l swear, thank u bruh.”

Mjita. said:

“Nna personally I wouldn’t accept that money.”

Caleb said:

“The two in the back even hiding there faces.”

Zine Zee said:

“I’m afraid of that money you.”

makunyemokgoka said:

“God Bless you Ali Boy.Your a truly Humanitarian.”

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Zazafunds said:

“Kindness is written all over her… She’s calm and beautiful too.”

Deezzzzzi said:

“The one with the yellow enjoyed only touching the money, being unkind isn’t good.”

Man dressed like hawker toasted ladies

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young Nigerian man who makes prank videos released two clips showing him disguising himself as an ice cream seller.

He (@teaserprank_) went to the University of Calabar (UNICAL) campus, seeking ladies’ attention. None of them would give him an audience.


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