Pastor Enenche Faces Backlash For Openly Rebuking Member Over ‘False Testimony’

Pastor Enenche Faces Backlash For Openly Rebuking Member Over 'False Testimony'

Pastor Enenche Faces Backlash For Openly Rebuking Member Over ‘False Testimony'


In a dramatic turn of events, founder of , Pastor Paul Enenche, is being criticised by netizens for openly rebuking a , Vera Anyim, whom he accused of a fake testimony during the Sunday Service at the headquarters in Abuja.

Vera had testified that she graduated from the National Open University of (NOUN) the previous day on Saturday and obtained a B.Sc degree in Law. But, a livid Enenche interjected, accusing the of lying because, according to him, it's either she obtained LL.B or she didn't attend the school at all as she was no B.Sc in Law.

However, has been abuzz with of Vera Anyim from her graduation day and a list confirming her as a of the Department of Law at NOUN.

According to reports, Vera, who is said to be a , was asked to step down from the altar after she claimed to have obtained a Law degree. Dr. Enenche, doubting the authenticity of her statement, dismissed her testimony as deceitful. This action has sparked a wave of reactions across social platforms, with netizens digging into Vera's academic background to verify her claims.

Actress Jemima voiced her support for Dr. Enenche on Instagram, stating, “Pastor Paul is human. You too, if someone should lie to you like that unprovoked, won't you be annoyed? B.Sc in Law, lmao. Like, what would make a person decide to go to church to give a false testimony? I am trying to understand it.”

Further stirring the controversy, a user identified as Theo Abu on platform X questioned when Dr. Enenche would apologize for embarrassing Vera, especially since evidence suggests she did indeed graduate from NOUN. Abu speculated, “Either she had stage fright during the testimony, or the educational standards at NOUN need serious review.”

Dr. Ogbeide O.D also commented, criticizing the quality of graduates from NOUN: “See how you guys keep disgracing yourselves outside, are you not ashamed a graduate speaks that way, and you wonder why you are forced to write IELTS, they suppose to close down the school if the school is bold enough to come out and claim her as their ex-student.”

These developments have ignited discussions concerning the credibility and educational standards of NOUN, with some commentators questioning the institution's focus on quantity over quality.

However, Law has various degrees. BSc, LLB, and LLM

The LLB is the most popular qualifying law degree among those that aspire to be a solicitor or to qualify as a barrister. These degree is offered by most Federal Universities in Nigeria.This degree takes five (5) years of 10 semesters and four (4) years of Eight (8) semesters for direct entry.

The Postgraduates Diploma in Law is a one (1) year programme, structured into a minimum of two (2) semesters . Requirements is a degree in law with a minimum.of third class

The LLM programme shall run for a minimum period of eighteen (18) calendar months, structured into three (3) semesters and a maximum period of thirty-six (36) calendar months or six (6) semesters.

The Bachelor of Science, however, not in a thing in Nigeria in Legal Studies degree program prepares students for entry-level positions in the fields of law, , civil service, public advocacy, and business compliance. The program also provides students with the foundation required to pursue graduate studies in Law.

The situation remains tense as the public awaits further clarifications from both NOUN and Dunamis Church regarding Vera's claim.

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