Outrage as Bella Shmurda and crew members undergo thorough search by the police

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Outrage as Shmurda and undergo thorough search by the


Netizens express their disgust at the police after a video of them conducting a thorough search on singer and his crew members surfaces.

One of the police officers was heard during a search urging his colleagues to conduct a thorough search since the singer being searched usually carries “properties” with them.

Bella ShmurdaBella ShmurdaBella Shmurda

He also mentioned that what they did to the controversial singer is what they intend to do to Bella Shmurda and his crew members.

Check out netizens reactions below:

BIG Flex said: “na wetin dem do Portable na em we go do you” Our policemen have no shame anymore. Desperately looking for something to pin on him. So sad 💔”

Khan said: “They're probably searching for

BusayoOtebata said: “Them just dey find wetin to take hold am 😂😂”

TeeTalk noted: “They are not searching them because they are doing their jobs diligently, they are desperately searching because they must “pin a sin” on you. Scary humans 💔”

Genesishex suggested: “Bella should find them and take them to for invading their privacy”

MobolajiAbdul said: “They should calm for them to do their sha”

OLANREWAJU asked: “Why himself no fit get escort on a travel like this??”


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