Omokri exposes government’s alleged secret intentions for jailing Bobrisky

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Omokri exposes government's alleged secret intentions for jailing Bobrisky


socio-political commentator Reno Omokri has sparked controversy with his recent claims about the undisclosed motivations behind the government's decision to jail popular crossdresser Bobrisky.

The former presidential aide took to his page to assert that the government's motive behind Bobrisky's sentencing was to suppress the emerging cross-dressing culture in .

In a statement posted on his social media page, Reno Omokri alleged that the orchestrated Bobrisky's under the guise of charges related to the abuse of the Naira.

Omokri exposes government's alleged secret intentions for jailing BobriskyReno Omokri.

He suggested that the authorities strategically utilized this pretext to clamp down on the growing trend of cross-dressing, while avoiding direct confrontation that might incur backlash from Western powers.

In his words;

“What happened with Bobrisky just shows you the savviness of Nigeria compared to other nations and the intellectual response to governing on display by the current administration.

“The Nigerian government obviously wanted to clamp down on the trending cross-dressing culture in Nigeria. But the government was also aware of the fact that any direct move in that regard would earn it the whip of the Western powers.

“The administration was in a dilemma. How to deal with Bobrisky for being a cross-dresser but not to make it about his being a cross-dresser. And this is where you have to respect the subtlety of the Tinubu administration. They found a creative genius way.

“Bobrisky violated a law against the abuse of the Naira. That is why a first-time offender committed an offence that even government officials engaged in during Buhari's 's wedding, and, despite pleading guilty, was sentenced to six months in .

“In fact, there is more video evidence of via spraying at the wedding of no less a person than Abdul Aziz Malami, the son of Abubakar Malami, SAN, Nigeria's Former Attorney-General and Minister of Justice. And the scapegoating of Bobrisky has worked. Since his arrest, have you seen any of his ‘colleagues' prancing about?

“We used to see them almost daily on blogs and social media. The traditional media, too, could not have enough of them. They got the memo. They have run for cover since the Chairwoman answered to the gender of male in when asked to state ‘her' gender.”

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