NEWS: We’re Lobbying To Secure Kanu’s Release – Kalu

We’re Lobbying To Secure Kanu’s Release – Kalu

We're Lobbying To Secure Kanu's Release – Kalu


Deputy Speaker of the of Representatives, Hon. has disclosed that frantic efforts are ongoing to secure the release of the leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (), Mazi .

He said that while the processes are ongoing, political solutions are being worked out.

Speaking at the special edition of “The Ben Kalu's Mandate”, a radio programme of FLO FM, Umuahia, Abia State on Monday virtually, the Deputy Speaker said that it was deliberate to work behind the scene to realise the objective.

Kalu's clarification came on the heels of an enquiry by the programme anchor, Wisdom Thomas if the Peace In South East Project (PISE-P), a recently launched initiative of the Deputy Speaker which calls for a non-kinetic measure to resolve the security challenges in the South East has abandoned the .

While calling for support for the administration of President Bola Ahmed , the Deputy Speaker also hinted of a likely visit by the elders of Igbo land to engage on familiar issues affecting the South East.

He said: “The Peace in South East Project (PISE-P) has reconciliation in the mix of what we are trying to achieve. We recognise the importance of our , Nnamdi Kanu in the peace agenda we are pushing. That's the truth.  And I have been very vocal about it. I am not hiding it.


“I have always told people that I will never deny Nnamdi Kanu. He's my brother. We come from the same place and I will never be happy having him incarcerated when we can have him out and increase our pursuit towards peace. But we may not advance all the things we are doing behind our backs but I can assure you that all the powers-that-be in this country know that people like us are not sitting on the fence.


“We cannot go about this before the court. I am more interested in using a political solution towards resolving this. So, I am asking for one or two things from the federal .


“The last time I was with Mr. President, I discussed with Mr. President the need for the elders of Igbo land to come, sit and engage with him. And I know that one of the topics that will come up there is our brother and also SEDC.


“As we are asking Mr. President to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for us and giving us the South East Development Commission, we must on the other show him loyalty by making sure that there is peace in our area. No violence, support his government.”


Speaking on the present state of the South East Development Commission Bill, Kalu said that the piece of legislation is at the conference committee stage where some issues regarding the confirmation of the commissioners are being resolved.

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