NEWS: Frank Edwards gifts 8-year-old girl N1M, scholarship at Moses Bliss ‘Homecoming’ concert

Frank Edwards gifts 8-year-old girl N1M, scholarship at Moses Bliss ‘Homecoming’ concert

Frank Edwards gifts 8-year-old girl , scholarship at Moses Bliss ‘Homecoming' concert


Gospel icon Frank Edwards has put smiles on an 8-year-old girl of a named Raymie Nancie at Moses Bliss' homecoming concert.

Edwards gave the little girl identified as Emmanuella N1 million while her an educational scholarship.

The girl reportedly went forward following Pastor Isaac Oyedepo's altar call at Moses Bliss' “Homecoming”/Bliss event in Akwa Ibom state, and she was fortunate enough to be chosen from the audience to get a blessing.

The girl's mother shared her pleasure and gratitude on Facebook. She wrote a lengthy message in which she described how they traveled to the musical location and how her daughter was lucky enough to be chosen.

Frank Edwards gifts 8-year-old girl N1M, scholarship at Moses Bliss ‘Homecoming' concertFrank Edward, Nigerian gospel artist. source: Google

In her words


For people that know me personally you will know I have an eight years old daughter, Emmanuella, when she was 5 she told me one day that when she grows up she would to be a medical but unfortunately the way the educational system is going it might not be possible because she was always in and out of school due to non-payment of school fees by her father meanwhile she was staying with her dad's family in port Harcourt while I was in school here in akwa ibom.

Last year she called that are mates were writing exams while she was been sent back home, I felt so bad and told my parents and they asked me to go and bring her down to Akwa Ibom my father Xtian Udoh paid her school fees last year, I was so pained as to why my dad a retiree that has sent me to school up to university level is paying my child school fees, I kept telling God to change the story around 😭.

Fast forward to the 20th of March, I saved the online flier of the #bliss_experience on my phone my daughter was so excited about it and she kept telling me she would attend unfailingly and that she would talk to Moses Bliss me of little faith was thinking how possible will that be with plenty securities and protocol but then she had so much faith that she will ….. As of the 31st of March, I did not have transport but she said I should not worry the money would come lo and behold when I was in on Sunday money dropped haaaa so on Monday afternoon we moved down to Uyo and headed off to the venue …..

When Moses Bliss came in she said Mummy let's go and greet him, I laughed and told her the way security people will drag you ehh you will hate yourself 🤣, when it was time for alter call she tapped me and said let's go I told her nooo have given my life to Jesus already 🤣 when Moses bliss asked to join him in front she said let's go and carried her to the front she sha maneuvered her way to the front I did not know God was preparing my daughter for a ooooooo next I say was when she was pulled up to the stage 😭
God did it for us oh.

I want to thank the governor of Akwa Ibom state His excellency pastor Umoh Enoh for bringing God's servants to bless us.

I especially want to thank #Moses_bliss for God's anointing over your life
I want to thank min #frankedwards God Bless you, sir

Thank you to everybody that made the event possible God bless you all.”

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