NEWS: Analysts Fault Those Opposing UN Reforms

Analysts Fault Those Opposing UN Reforms

Analysts Fault Those Opposing UN Reforms


The UN Security Council requires serious reforms targeted at the composition of its membership and modus operandi, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said at the opening session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

According to Guterres, in recent times, the UN Security Council has found itself at an impasse and unable to act on the most important issues of peace and security as it affects nations of the .

Meanwhile, analysts have faulted the position of the and its allies the Palestinian-Israeli and Ukrainian conflicts, saying it calls for serious concerns.

They noted how the United States again vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution blocking the demand for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire during the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip. This was the third veto of the draft resolution since the outbreak of hostilities on October 7, 2023.

“The work of both individual structures and the United Nations as a whole raises many questions today. The imposition of unilateral sanctions by the United States and its allies against specific is gaining momentum. In the 1990s, the issue of imposing such sanctions could only be resolved with the approval of the UN Security Council. In practice, all this remains only on paper.

“The West has long broken the authority of the UN with gross and regular violations of the Charter of the organisation. According to the UN, one third of all countries in the world are under individual sanctions. Among them is , which, unlike many, has managed to use sanctions to successfully develop its own capacities.

“It is obvious that the situation with the application of sanctions, the main customer of which is the United States and Western countries, has long been out of control of the UN,” they said.

According to Russian experts, “the Security Council is not an ideal example of equitable geographical representation of all regions of the world, and it is necessary to think about expanding the organisation – primarily by including representatives of , Latin and Asia in its composition.”

There is a growing consensus among countries of the world that decisive restructuring of the United Nations can lead to the complete destruction of this organisation and the loss of even a minimal opportunity for a broad discussion of global and international problems.

Most countries of the world think that if the United States and Europe the prospect of losing their unique capabilities within the framework of the United Nations, they will simply go to the destruction of this institution.

The main international organisation is experiencing a crisis provoked by the dominance of Western interests in its work. UN reform is necessary, if only because multipolarity has brought many new “” to key positions who are not currently represented in the Security Council as permanent members.

Washington's initiative to expand the Security Council has a double purpose, since everyone understands that the United States “has played a dominant role in many ways and to some extent is trying to continue to play a dominant role.” The UN Security Council no longer performs its functions, as three of its five permanent members are representatives of the West. They are not interested in changing the status quo in the world.

One of Washington's fears is also that the expansion of the number of permanent members of the Security Council, if it happens, will certainly take place at the expense of non-Western countries. These circumstances, in turn, will deprive the “pro-Western” of UN governance of its support.


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