NEWS: Air Peace Launches London Flights With Classy Igbo Outfits, Netizens React: “I Can’t Keep Calm”

Air Peace Launches London Flights With Classy Igbo Outfits, Netizens React: "I Can't Keep Calm"

Air Peace Launches London Flights With Classy Igbo , Netizens React: “I Can't Keep Calm”


Nigerian airline Air Peace launched its first London flight recently and its cabin crew showed up in styleSome cabin crew members wore English jackets and , while others wore Igbo outfits called Isi-AguTheir outfits, which they combined with caps, looked glamorous on them, and they got mixed reactions from netizens

A Nigerian airline Air Peace trended recently after it launched its first international flight to London, with some of its cabin crew rocking Igbo outfits (Isi-Agu).

Air Peace chairman Allen Onyema and cabin crew look glamorous in their outfits. Image credit: @flyairpeace
Source: Instagram

The event was anchored by its chairman Allen Onyema, who wore a black shirt and trousers, and a red cap.

While some of its cabin crew wore plain shirts, jackets, and trousers, others wore Igbo outfits. The ladies rocked red caps to complement their attire, and it got the attention of many people.

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Allen and his staff looked glamorous as they walked majestically to mark the ground-breaking event. On Instagram, the company captioned the of the event:

“Our Chairman, Dr Allen Onyema, walking in style with the lovely Cabin Crew that operated our inaugural flight to London today, March 30, 2024. It's daily, direct flights to London Gatwick on the super comfy Boeing 777 and 787 Dreamliner aircraft.”

Check out the video of Air Peace's cabin crew outfits and that of their chairman below:

Reactions to the cabin crew outfits

Several netizens have reacted to the outfits of the airline's cabin crew. See some of the comments below:


“I love the outfits, even though I'm Yoruba. Be proud of your culture and .”


“If you are a frequent Air Peace flyer, you will know that this Isi-Agu has been the crew uniform. They didn't start with London flight. So, be happy for Dr Onyema and the Air Peace family and just move on. It is not a Nigerian government flight. It is a private business whose owner love so much.”

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“If it's not Isi-Agu, what else? This is absolutely perfect, massive congrats.”


“His people will only fly that airline.”


“It's absolutely hilarious when I see comment like ‘I won't fly with them because of the Igbo looking fabric'”


“The doesn't represent Nigeria but only a culture and tribe in Nigeria, and so, not a fair practice to represent Nigeria.”


“This is truly extraordinary and beyond amazing. It's just the start of even greater achievements ahead. Next stop, New York! Proudly Igbo! Igbo Kwenu!”


“The people who travel are rejoicing, reduced travel fares, better meals and enormous pride, while those who don't own passports are complaining! No one has a better advise for a rich man than the poor.”


“Air Peace, just be making me happy always. Can't keep calm @flyairpeace more to come. is next.”

Air Peace charges N1.2m for economy class

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Checks by showed that the airline was charging N1.2 for economy class and N2.2 million for premium economy.


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