Netizens rage as mother pierces her little baby’s nose

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Netizens rage as mother pierces her little baby’s nose


Many internet users are upset over the decision of a young mother to do a nose piercing for her little daughter.

The little girl who is not up to a year was captured with her nose pierced.

Many Netizens have called her out for her actions, which they feel is inappropriate considering her baby’s age.

She fired back with an explanation of her own, stating why she felt the need to pierce her baby’s nose.

Netizens rage as mother pierces her little baby’s noseThe little girl with her nose piercing.

According to the mother, she has raised all her daughters with a nose ring and she sees it as quite normal.

Although she was informed that she was getting dragged on social media, she insisted on not removing the nose jewelry from her daughter’s face.

Here are some reactions below

tolulopelajmk asked: “Is nose ring different from ear ring?? If the ears can be pierced from young then the nose can be pierced too, but except there’s any medical reason not to”

nonxo_xo stated: “We need Child’s support system in Nigeria”

mudi_0111 claimed: “Definitely a single mother, bunch of nuisance”

chiomaang3| added: “The baby simply isn’t mature enough to handle a nose piercing. Babies scratch their faces often times and the nose ring may injure her.. plus how is she going to cope when she’s having runny nose, flu and stuff? Please let babies be babies…”

ubigho_omena commented: “Those of you saying she must be a single mom must be ment 👏 80% of single mom raise the best kids because they train their kids well. Just because 1 person dey crase una just tag her to single mom.”

tonia.gram_ reacted: “When Pablo impregnates Pablet. Awon Pinky Bella”

Watch the video clip below

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