Netizens gush as lady puts her unique beauty on display

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Netizens gush as lady puts her unique beauty on display


lady unique beauty

A pretty young lady with vitiligo has garnered attention online as she shares a video showcasing her unique face on social media.

The young lady had a skin condition known as Vitiligo which leaves some parts of the skinner lighter than the rest.

lady unique beauty lady unique beauty Lady.

That of the lady left lighter skin patches encircling her eyes, and netizens gushed at this rare display of beauty.

She revealed that someone had the erroneous thought that her skin condition was as a result of bleaching which wasn’t done well.

Netizens were of the contrary opinion as they noted that her skin condition made her beauty unique.

“Someone said: Bleaching gone wrong,” she wrote.

Mickie reacted: “I like ur glasses 0o.”

@alinassib3 said: “This is not bleaching. This vitiligo.”

Jabs craft reacted: “Your VITILIGO is your beauty and strength stay blessed always.”

Olang Beatrice said: “Esther is still beautiful.”

@heinpacfny7 reacted: “What a beauty.”

Blessed soul said: “I like your eye glass.”

Panashe Mushore said: “Abeg I want to see heaven.”

Only_Goodie reacted: “Fr.. I admire ladies that something makes them special.”

@laugh out loud reacted: “You’re beautiful as always.”

Watch video below …

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