Mixed Reactions As Woman Accidentally Gets Married After Boyfriend’s Fake Modeling Offer (VIDEO)

Mixed Reactions As Woman Accidentally Gets Married After Boyfriend's Fake Modeling Offer (VIDEO)

Mixed Reactions As Accidentally Gets After 's Fake Modeling Offer (VIDEO)


In a surprising turn of events, a woman has revealed that she unknowingly got married after her boyfriend deceived her with a false modeling offer.

The revelation came to light in a viral video that has captured the attention of users.

The video begins with the woman in a bridal , where she is being assisted by the shop workers to try on a beautiful gown.

Little did she know that her boyfriend had planned the entire scenario under the pretense that the bridal shop needed a model for their latest gown.

Moments later, the video shows the woman sitting in a moving vehicle, still wearing the wedding dress, and proudly displaying a wedding ring.

It becomes evident that her boyfriend unexpectedly or married her during the course of the day.

Additional scenes from the video showcase a photoshoot featuring the newlyweds, further showing the unexpected turn of events.

The video has sparked a lot of reactions from social media users, In no time viewers expressed their differing opinions, flooding the comment section.

Here are some reaction from viewers:

Gitari _stiffin: “forget the suit.. did u see the .😭✋🏾

smk bae: “it seems like he also got married without knowing.”

Abby: “i love that suit😂its bigger than the .”

LULU: “He should have just worn a wedding gown too.”

Watch the video below:

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