Man Goes to the Street to Share Money and Foodstuff, Bringing Smiles and Hope to Many People

Man Goes to the Street to Share Money and Foodstuff, Bringing Smiles and Hope to Many People

Man Goes to the Street to Share Money and Foodstuff, Bringing Smiles and Hope to Many People


A Nigerian man's spontaneous act of philanthropy, where he distributed food and money to those in need, gained rapid popularity on TikTokHis generosity was particularly highlighted when he gifted a substantial amount of over N200,000 to a woman on the street, fulfilling her wish for financial happiness that dayAdditionally, he not only handed out food supplies to people on the streets but also accompanied some to a shopping centre, allowing them to freely choose additional necessities

A philanthropic Nigerian man went on TikTok after he ventured into the streets, generously distributing food and cash to the locals.

His act of kindness quickly captured the hearts of viewers worldwide.

Many people were touched by his kindness. credit: @theasherkine
Source: TikTok

In a touching encounter, the benevolent individual bestowed a sum exceeding N200,000 upon a woman who confided that financial aid was her sole wish for happiness that day, as shown by @theasherkine.

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Furthermore, he extended his goodwill by handing out essential groceries to several individuals and even accompanied some to a shopping centre, where they shopped what they wanted.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Anastecia said:

“Akwa Ibom …OK.. you're almost close to enugu…just be coming small smal.abeg just coincidentally meet me when I dey trekk to school abeg.”

ExtraFundz wrote:

“You shall never lack brov.”

lweanya commented:

“Uncle Asherkine just be coming straight you're close to Calabar.”

Laura Williams also commented:

“Asherkine please come to .”


“The boy in the rain. that memory will be forever in his head.”

Andre Jnr:

“Asherkine abeg naa. Corper de beg o from bayelsa.”


“Asherkine even if it is 2k.”


will continue to bless you asher, you'!ll never ever lack in this life whenever I come across your videos it always puts a smile on my and makes me happy and prayers always come out my mouth.”

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Akpevwe favoure:

“Chairman try dey blessed ur fans too abeg.”


“Come to Abuja pls.”

Kubwa fo1:

board junction.”



Vendor Owerri:

“Ahhhh so Asherkine goes outside Lagos???? Someone should tell him to toUch down Anambra state, nnewi to be precise.”


“This guy na 9ja Superman.”

Simply debi24:

“I wan marry this guy.”

Kindman as stranger to for free

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a Nigerian man encountered a benefactor who generously offered him the opportunity to select any items he desired for a duration of 30 seconds.

Captured in a video, the man amassed an array of groceries valued at over 160,000 naira, much to his elation.

Overwhelmed with joy, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to the magnanimous individual as he departed with his provisions.


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