Lady claims Junior Pope did not drown, shares dream she had

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claims Junior Pope did not drown, shares dream she had


A Nigerian has claimed that Junior Pope visited her in a dream and told her that he did not drown in the river.

In the video shared on by @mxtaxcoded, the woman claimed that Pope told her that he was killed before being thrown into the river.

According to the woman, the asked her to tell the , that he was beaten, his clothes were torn, and that it was not the river that killed him.

The woman added that the people who killed him had already planned his death and because of their evil plans other innocent souls were lost.

In her words: He said that he has been watching people he took as his brothers lie to cover up what they did to him. He can't believe that people he went to shoot with could do that to him. Junior Pope's spirit is crying that it was not the river that killed him.

“Spread this video wide so that everyone can hear it. He's still crying and calling on his fans, loved ones, , and to let them know that it was not the river that killed but he was killed by people. This was what he told me in the dream.”

DALUSON reacted: “Omo I swear no swelling body bcos i know how my bro that drown in water how his dead body look like.”

@peculiar fashion world said: “He is cloth was tured and he was bleeding through the nose and mouth, no swelling Tommy íeì (e t justice for junior pope.”

ExcelBelive reacted: “Mugu.. what of other persons that died, who killed them?”

Sandy commented: “Exactly what I saw in my dream after his death. I wish people will believe her.”

Gwen reacted: “The water will throw the person three time before he will drown to death. the cloth and the blood is the signs when he was struggling to live.”

Success commented: “How can someone who was given gallon and was asking his colleagues if they are fine drawn.”

Baby_Blinkz reacted: “So he cannot meet his wife??? Mk Una rest please…were was he beaten inside hotel or arund the river??”

Onyi-Igbo reacted: “He came to her to tell her dat he was beaten to death den the confusing thing is him not telling her who killed her. Why telling her to tell people to go and find out??? I no just understand.”

Watch the video below:


Junior Pope Visited her and explained what happened to him. #igbo #IgboAmaka #followme #mxtaxcoded #xyzbca #xyzcba #mahnativewriter #foryoupage #reels #moot

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