JUST IN: “You Have Nice House”: Ladies Living in Village Show Interiors of Thatched Building in Viral Video

"You Have Nice House": Ladies Living in Village Show Interiors of Thatched Building in Viral Video

“You Have Nice ”: Living in Village Show Interiors of Thatched Building in Viral Video


Two young ladies who live in the countryside have shown people their house, and the video is going viralThe two ladies were replying to a TikTok user who said they wanted to see the inside of their attached house after they shared a video of itAfter the ladies took their followers on a brief tour of the interior of their house, many said the house was nice

Two young ladies who reside in the countryside have taken their followers on a tour of their house.

They first shared a video of the thatched building, and a lot of people became interested in it.

The ladies showed the interiors of the house. credit: TikTok/@africannyako.
Source: TikTok

Someone asked that they be shown the inside of the house so that they would see what it looked like.

The two ladies using the TikTok handle, @africannyako, obliged the follower and opened the door of the attached house.

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The house has beds, chairs and fanciful decorations that appear to be made of paper.

Also, the ladies said they had access to electricity and that it was working in the building.

A lot of netizens who saw the video admired the building and said it looked nice both inside and outside.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as ladies show inside of their house

@user12231145977045 said:

“You have a nice house.”

@user9299833017285 said:

“Extremely neat, clean and must be cool inside.”

@Esther commented:

“Yeah, be proud of what you have.”


“I could live like this because I just want to be in peace and have a simple life.”

@prettyteccy said:

“So beautiful,we have them at home, they are always cool.”

@MOMO said:

“l such types of grassed houses. They have gd fresh air. it's where l grew from.”

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@Awor Cathy69 said:

“You guys are very funny. Anyway, I love you people.”

shows off portable house on TikTok

In a related , Henzodaily.ng reported that a Nigerian man had shown people a video of a portable house which could be taken to anywhere the owner wants.

The house, which is beautifully painted, has a tiled floor, bathroom and toilet and could be lifted and planted on the owner's .

TikTok user, Oladele, who posted the video, said all one needs to own the house is a parcel of land where it could be planted.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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