JUST IN: Women In Transport Business Better Than Prostitutes –RTEAN Chairman

Women In Transport Business Better Than Prostitutes –RTEAN Chairman

In Transport Better Than Prostitutes –RTEAN Chairman


The chairman of Road Transport Employers Association of (RTEAN) in Kwara State, Alhaji AbdulRahman Onikijipa, says women engaging in transport business are far better than their peers in prostitution business.
According to him, most women see transport business as 's and would rather not engage in it.
“Transportation is not strictly for men as thought by some women. It is for both genders. Women engaging in transport business is far better than prostitution. Stop seeing transportation as men's work.

We have many women here in Kwara driving taxi cabs, and ‘okada' to earn a living, that is a big kudos to them.
“We also have many women here as executives. They are part of the decision making. We don't discriminate in our association,” he said.

He advised women to stop being idle or selling their body for living, but engage in legal businesses.

Onikijipa also advised to be vigilant and stop boarding any available to their destination.

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