JUST IN: Woman Gets Job Paying Dollars After Former Company Sacks her During Zoom Meeting

Woman Gets Job Paying Dollars After Former Company Sacks her During Zoom Meeting

Gets Paying After Former Company Sacks her During Zoom Meeting


Linea Baker was fired on Wednesday, January 2024, through a Zoom meeting after her boss asked her to do something she wasn't willingInstead of panicking and searching for a replacement immediately, she took two months to rest and rebranded herselfWhen she felt ready to return to the workforce, she attended two interviews and received an offer with the requested

Linea Baker, a 28-year-old woman, found herself at a crossroads on Wednesday, January 3, 2024, when she was unexpectedly fired.

Linea shared that her manager called her on Zoom, accompanied by HR, to deliver the news of their decision to part ways.

Woman Overjoyed as She Lands New, Better Job 2 Months After Toxic Boss Fired Her on Zoom
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sacked over Zoom

In a candid recount of the event on , the disclosed that the decision did not shock or upset her.

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“The day before, I had a pretty candid conversation with my manager about what I wouldn't do,” she started.

Linea's significant other encouraged her to take some time off after her dismissal, turn off all her alarms, and sleep.

She took her lover's advice and embarked on a 60-day journey of self-discovery and personal growth, focused on investing in her personal life, something she had neglected before.

“I decided to take time off and not immediately look for another opportunity,” she shared.

Linea took trips to different destinations, visited her son, went fishing and hunting, and took on new tutoring students, improving their math efficiencies considerably.

During this time, she found that all her stress had dissipated, and she could do whatever she wanted without the burden of work.

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Linea landed dream job

When she felt ready to return to the workforce, she took charge of her career path and had her first interview on March 4th and her second a week later.

The same day as her second interview, she received an offer with the requested salary.

“I praise God for this season and all the continued blessings,” Linea expressed. “Life comes with ebbs and flows, ups and downs, peaks and valleys, but the potential bad times won't be so bad when you are in absolute good company.”

Linea says the experience has taught her to “do what she gotta do so she can do what she wanna do.”

Company fired another lady

Meanwhile, Henzodaily.ng earlier reported that a young lady went online to narrate how a company fired her after she made a video about her job online.

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Akorede, who had just been hired, added she had not even started her first shift when the sack letter came.

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