JUST IN: Wike Committed To Accelerated Economic Progress For FCT Women

Wike Committed To Accelerated Economic Progress For FCT Women

Wike Committed To Accelerated Economic Progress For FCT


of State for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Dr Mariya Mahmoud, has said that the FCT minister, Nyesom Wike, is committed to advancing women's economic growth and unifying their potential for national and global impact.

Mahmoud made this known virtually at a side event, organised to celebrate the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women @ 68, in New York, of .

The event tagged, “The Accelerator: Unifying Women for Global Impact,” was organised by the office of the Mandate Secretary for Women Secretariat, in with UN Women.

The minister assured that women's economic progress and full potential would be achieved under the Abuja Accelerator programme which was designed to invest in them to accelerate their progress.

Mahmoud described the ‘unifying women for a global impact' as a powerful concept that underscores the potential for collaboration and solidarity among women worldwide.

She added that the Abuja Accelerator programme would serve as a beacon for this by offering a platform for women to come together, share their experiences and amplify their voices for meaningful change.

She further noted that it embodies the spirit of empowerment and progress.

“It provides a space where women from various backgrounds can converge, exchange ideas, and strategise on how to address pressing issues facing women globally.

The minister also emphasized on the strength of the Abuja accelerator in its ability to foster collaboration among women by bringing individuals with different perspectives and expertise together.

“The accelerator creates a fertile ground for innovation and collective action, through workshops, seminars, and networking,” she said.

Also, the Mandate Secretary in the Women Affairs Secretariat, FCT Administration, Adedayo Benjamin-Laniyi, pledged that FCT women would be empowered through innovation, inspiration, collaboration, and cooperation.

Benjamin-Laniyi said that the convergence in New York was to moblise all and sundry to join the efforts towards amplifying the voices of FCT women and champion their cause.

She said that the Abuja Accelerator programme was designed by her office in line with the vision of the FCT Minister and the “Renewed Hope” agenda of .

According to her, the goal was to create a future where every will realise her full potential, saying no one was left behind.

“The programme represents a platform for proffering solutions to global challenges – from climate change to sustainable development, solutions borne out of our unique perspective and gender experiences,” she said.

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