JUST IN: Who are XG members? Ages, height, do they speak Korean?

Who are XG members? Ages, height, do they speak Korean?

XG is a Japanese girl group based in South Korea. The group, which currently comprises seven members, was formed by Xgalx, a subsidiary of Avex. They have released several singles such as Grl Gvng, Winter Without You, Shooting Star and New Dance. Uncover XG member’s ages, heights, and whether they can speak Japanese.

XG performs at Billboard Presents The Stage during SXSW Sydney in Sydney, Australia. Photo: Brendon Thorne (modified by author)
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All XG’s members are Japanese. They trained in Korea for five years under the K-pop training system. They are known for their powerful, energetic performances and catchy, trendy music. The award-winning K-pop girl group has seven members between the ages of 18 and 22 as of writing.

XG’s background information

Full nameXtraordinary GirlsYear of formation2022Country of originJapanMembers7LabelsXgalxGenre of musicR&B and hip-hopAwards2X (Twitter)@XGOfficial_Instagram@xgofficialFacebook@XG TikTok@xg.official YouTubeXGOfficial websitexgalx.com/xg

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XG members’ ages and heights

The XG’s group name is an acronym for “Xtraordinary Girls”. The group has released various singles such as Winter Without You, Puppet Show, New Dance and Shooting Star. They have also won two awards: The K-Star MVA (2023) and the MTV Video Music Awards Japan (2022). Here is all you need to know about XG members’ heights, ages, and career debuts.

1. ChisaFull name: Chisa KondouDate of birth: 17 January 2002Age: 22 years old (as of March 2024) Place of birth: Osaka, JapanHeight: 5’2″ (157 cm)Role: Main vocalist

Chisa was the second group member to be unveiled. She is known for her exceptional vocal abilities. Chisa has enjoyed listening to music and singing since she was a child. She understood that music was the only way for her to live her life. Beyoncé is her main musical inspiration.

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Previously an actress under Kansai Collection Entertainment, she seamlessly combines her passions for taking selfies, make-up artistry, and singing. In 2016, she won a semi-grand prix at the Tokyo Girls Audition.

2. HinataHinata posing for a photoHinata posing for a photo at different places. Photo: _xg._.hinata_ on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGCFull name: Hinata SoharaDate of birth: 11 June 2002 Age: 21 years old (as of March 2024) Place of birth: Aichi, Nagoya, JapanHeight: 5’2″ (157 cm)Role: Main dancer and sub-vocalist

Hinata was born in Aichi, Nagoya, Japan. She was the fourth member to be unveiled. Hinata is XG’s main dancer and sub-vocalist.

While previously rumoured to be a YG Entertainment trainee, her debut with the group garnered attention, particularly with the curious detail that she sings all the Tatatata parts in their debut single, Tippy Toes.

Beyond her musical pursuits, Hinata reveals her affinity for anime favourites like Haikyu!!, I Want To Eat Your Pancreas and Your Lie In April. She is a fluent speaker of Korean and English and a native speaker of Japanese.

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3. Jurin Full name: Asaya JurinDate of birth: 19 June 2002Age: 21 years old (as of March 2024) Place of birth: Chigasaki, JapanHeight: 5’4″ (161 cm)Role: Leader, lead rapper, and vocalist

Jurin is XG’s leader, lead rapper, and vocalist. She was born in Chigasaki, Japan. She was the first member revealed on 29 January 2022. Jurin has been a model for Drop Tokyo, Popteen and more since she was 15.

She has been a professional snowboarder since age three, influenced by her surfer parents. Jurin’s musical taste spans TLC and Japanese rap and has been featured in numerous publications.

4. Harvey Harvey performingHarvey performs on stage at various events. Photo: @harvey_xg (modified by author)
Source: UGCFull name: Amy HarveyDate of birth: 18 December 2002Age: 21 years old (as of March 2024) Place of birth: Tokyo, JapanHeight: 5’7″ (169 cm)Role: Main rapper and sub-vocalist

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Harvey is a Japanese singer, rapper, and model in South Korea. Her parents are from different races. Her mother hails from Japan while her father is an Australian. Harvey studied cheer dance in her first year of middle school. She later transitioned to hip-hop dance with aspirations of becoming a rapper.

As her career evolved, Harvey shifted her focus towards modelling, inspired by fashion magazines from abroad provided by her mother. She has modelled for issues 4 and 5 of Love Berry magazine, as well as gracing the pages of the November 2016 edition of Vivi.

Harvey starred in the 2017 make-up campaign So Good in Colors, created by MAC Cosmetics and Vogue Japan. She has also appeared in the Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo Spring/Summer Show and the 27th Tokyo Girls Collection Autumn/Winter Show.

5. JuriaFull name: Ueda JuriaDate of birth: 28 November 2004Age: 19 years old (as of March 2024) Place of birth: Osaka, JapanHeight: 5’5″ (164 cm)Role: Main vocalist

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Juria is XG’s main vocalist. She was a member of the idol group Amorecarina until 30 September 2015, when she graduated. After graduation, she went by the name Ueda Juria and enrolled as a special student at Avex Artist Academy Tokyo.

Juria has appeared in ads, including one for the Nintendo 3DS game. Her mother enjoys music and encouraged her to begin singing when she was ten.

6. MayaMaya posing for a photo in front of a grey background wall and a bridgeMaya is XG’s lead vocalist and rapper. Photo: @maya._xg (modified by author)
Source: UGCFull name: Kawachi MayaDate of birth: 10 August 2005Age: 18 years old (as of March 2024) Place of birth: Kantou, JapanHeight: 5’4″ (163 cm)Role: Lead vocalist and rapper

Maya is one of the lead vocalists for XG. Maya’s name means “princess” in Spanish. She attended an international school in Japan, where she only spoke English. Maya from XG has received several prizes in her pre-debut years.

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7. CoconaFull name: Akiyama CoconaDate of birth: 6 December 2005Age: 18 years old (as of March 2024) Place of birth: Kanto, JapanHeight: 5’3″ (159 cm)Role: Main rapper and Maknae

Cocona is XG’s main rapper and Maknae. She was 16 years old when she debuted with XG in 2022. Cocona’s talent in the singing realm was recognised when she emerged victorious in the 2018 Kira Challe audition’s singing category.

Cocona’s lucky colour is yellow-green. She says that when she wears this colour, something good will happen. Her parents wanted her to be a musician since she was born.

Are XG members all Japanese?

All the XG members’ nationalities are Japanese but are currently based in South Korea. They perform in three languages: Japanese, Korean, and English.

Can XG speak Korean?

Yes, they all speak Japanese, Korean, and English fluently.

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Who is the main rapper of XG?

Harvey is the main rapper and sub-vocalist. She was born to an Australian father and a Japanese mother. She has modelled at the Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo Spring/Summer Show and the 27th Tokyo Girls Collection Autumn/Winter Show.

Which XG member is half-Korean?

Hinata is half-Japanese and half-Korean. Before Hinata became a trainee, she attended a dance class in her neighbourhood.

XG is a new group in K-pop that has changed the game. The XG’s member are talented and have produced great hits since their debut. You can listen to their music on their official YouTube page and other official music streaming platforms.

Henzodaily.ng recently published an article about the NMIXX members. This is a South Korean girl group currently composed of six members. The group, initially known as JYPn, was formed by SQU4D, a sub-label of JYP Entertainment. There were seven original group members, but Jinni departed from the lineup in 2022.

NMIXX group debuted in 2022 with the release of Ad Mare. The group released their first extended play, Expérgo, with the title track, Love Me Like This. Some of their albums include A Midsummer NMIXX’s Dream and Entwurf.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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