JUST IN: “Which Kind Rubbish Be this?” Man Blasts Wife after His 3 Little Boys Told Him They Need Baby Sister

"Which Kind Rubbish Be this?" Man Blasts Wife after His 3 Little Boys Told Him They Need Baby Sister

“Which Kind Rubbish Be this?” Man Blasts after His 3 Little Boys Told Him They Need Baby Sister


A man got angry after his approached him while he was eating to demand a baby sisterThe man dismissed them and then put his wife on full blast after they left, accusing her of instigating itAccording to the man, the economic situation in the country meant he still struggled to cater for their three male kids, let alone adding another one to it

In a viral video, a Nigerian man slammed his wife after their three little kids appealed to him to give them a female sibling.

The man, who had returned from a trip, was eating when the kids interrupted him with their request in the presence of his wife.

The displeased man accused his wife of engineering their action.
Credit: @kingbishop37
Source: TikTok

He accused his wife of instigating them

Furious, the man refused to continue the meal and criticised his wife for being behind the kids' appeal for a female child.

“…Which kind rubbish be all these one?

“I get three boys, I dey struggle how I wan take care of them, you dey tell them make them come tell me I need a baby sister,” he ranted.

The displeased man said the economic situation was not good to have a new addition to the family.

The drama between the was shared on TikTok by @kingbishop37 and stirred mixed reactions.

Watch the video below:

Netizens divided over the couple's argument

Rachy_Rachy said:

“But if all her children be girls,it is the man that will be shouting for that time dey will not think of economy.”

Bombo said:

“I love it how the parents didn't quarrel in front of the children that's the best way of parenting.”

IamMBello said:

“Obviously…This man don get daughter already, but with not with this woman sha .

“If not why?”

Davidngibbs said:

“Why is he soo upset?”

Ago Go Ayo_1 said:

“Yeye woman, she didn't know the mood of her man, i didn't know whether he is .”

Prince Owusu said:

“I ended up having 5 girls, all in the name of a male child.”

fire fire said:

“Gaslighting at its finest, then go ahead to ask “why are you shouting now??”


“I have 4boys already. I have decided to get vasectomy.”

Man sees wife sleeping while babysitting

Meanwhile, Henzodaily.ng previously reported that a man had gushed over his wife who slept while reading and babysitting.

The wife, exhausted from working on her project, had fallen asleep while trying to put their baby to sleep.

In a video shared by the man identified as @dopest.family on TikTok, the was seen resting on the couch with her comfortably nestled on top of her body. Remarkably, she still held her school project work in her hands, a testament to her determination and commitment.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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