JUST IN: Vandals Dismantle Rail Tracks In Kaduna Community

Vandals Dismantle Rail Tracks In Kaduna Community

Vandals have struck at the heart of the railway infrastructure in Chidunu , situated within the of State.

Public Relations Officer for the Northern District of the Railway Corporation, Alhaji Abdullahi, in a statement on Monday gave insights into the unsettling incident and its consequences.

Abdullahi highlighted the logistical challenges posed by the dismantled rail tracks, compounded by the urgency to act before nightfall and the volatile nature of the area.

“It was difficult to arrange for logistics to evacuate track rails and sleepers before it got dark,” he remarked, emphasizing the collaborative efforts with local vigilantes and hunters to bolster surveillance along the affected railway stretch.

Amidst the turmoil, authorities managed to apprehend the vandals red-handed during their illicit operation.

“We received a report on Sunday that the vandals were during their illicit operation with two long loaded with rail track materials,” Abdullahi disclosed.

However, a Canter managed to evade and absconded with a portion of the stolen materials.

Abdullahi added that the swift response led to the of the case to the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) for further investigation.

“The case is at present with the NSCDC, O.C. Anti-Vandal for further investigation,” Abdullahi stated, acknowledging the ongoing efforts to collaborate with the NSCDC Command in to ensure a thorough inquiry and comprehensive report.

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