JUST IN: “This One Na Tsunami Waves”: Lady Requests Finger Waves Hairstyle, Stylist Makes Funny Pattern

"This One Na Tsunami Waves": Lady Requests Finger Waves Hairstyle, Stylist Makes Funny Pattern

“This One Na Tsunami Waves”: Requests Finger Waves , Stylist Makes Funny Pattern


A lady has expressed disappointment over the hairstyle her stylist made for her despite requesting a classy oneIn a video, the lady was seen holding her phone as the stylist went through various processes of making her hairAfter he washed the hair for the lady, he dried it and stretched it out before he applied gel which made the hair look a certain way

A lady got the attention of netizens after she displayed a video of the funny hairstyle her stylist made for her.

A lady orders a classy hairstyle and gets a funny pattern. Image credit: leejongisha

In a video, the lady wanted to make finger waves style but the hairstylist was not knowledgeable enough to make what she wanted.

She watched as they applied soap to her hair, washed it, dried it, and combined it before cream was applied to it, and then a durag was worn over it.

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After the durag was removed and the gel was applied, the curves did not relax on her head and the waves it formed were hilarious.

The lady looked calm as she checked the hairstyle on her phone, and netizens had a field day laughing at her hairstyle.

Check out the video of the lady's hair below:

Reaction's trail the lady's hairstyle

Several users have reacted to the hairstyle the lady made at the salon. See some of the comments below:


“Someone said they are not waves, they are troubled waters.”


“The durag told me everything I need to know…This is rough seas not finger waves.”


“Boya you should put your hand by your neck and bend your neck the way the other lady bended it, might just be the same as what you ordered.”

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“And the stylist go serious like say e sabi wetin e wan do.”


“Use super glue to lay it down flat. It's the same thing.”


“It's the same, fix lashes and use eye liner.”


“This one is tsunami waves.”


“E resemble am, abi e no resemble am?”


“Definitely not finger waves. Me sef go cry because wetin be this.”


“Dem dey use ya head learn work and you dey allow dem.”


“That stylist go collect.”


“Those are not waves but hurdles.”


“Na the same nah! Gallop dey the two.”


“She for do makeup make we see.”


“If you look am fast fast na the same thing.”


“What in the name of mami water waves is this? Why can't you just say you don't know how to do it?”

makes hair to look like

Henzodaily.ng earlier reported that a man showed his attempt to look like a popular singer Ahmed Ololade, aka Asake.

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The man, Asake of , went to a salon where his thick hair was properly combed before it was parted in many fractions and braided.

He also cut his beard to look like the singer, who is also known as Mr Money, and this got many netizens talking.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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