JUST IN: “This Is What Happens Whenever I Touch My Husband”: Woman Displays Goosebumps on Hubby’s Body

"This Is What Happens Whenever I Touch My Husband": Woman Displays Goosebumps on Hubby's Body

“This Is What Happens Whenever I Touch My Husband”: Displays Goosebumps on Hubby's Body


A has shared a video reveal how men should react whenever a woman whom they love touches them Using her husband to buttress her point, she displayed the goosebumps that appeared on his body after she touched him The comments section was filled with reactions from netizens who prayed for to bless them with good partners

A Nigerian woman who got married to a physically challenged lover has revealed the extent of his love for her.

The woman identified as @madamoyinandfamily on reiterated that a man is meant to have goosebumps when touched by his .

Woman displays goosebumps on husband's body
Photo credit: @madammoyinandfamily/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

Lady shows husband's goosebumps after touching him

In the video trending on TikTok, she disclosed that whenever she touches her husband, he gets goose bumps.

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She did a practical example and showcased the goosebumps that appeared on her husband's body.

She said:

“Women, if you touch your husband and he doesn't have goosebumps, it means you don't have his key.”

Reactions as woman displays husband's goosebumps

Massive reactions trailed the viral video with many commended their loving relationship with each other.

Dubem said:

“Please you people should mind your comments about her husband. for goodness sake he's a man and his is proud of him. may the love continue to grow. You're blessed my dear.”

@owolabi Samuel said:

“Let your husband stand up first, I wan check something.”

Dinma said:

“Enjoy alone dear no nobody dey drag am with u.”

ljeoma said:

“Husband Dey na u Dey find odogwu.”

Alejandro desperado reacted:

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“Never get feel down because of the bad comments. I pray God strengthens you both. inshallah.”

Her reacted:

“Beautiful couple.”

@chibaby said:

“Why are you people so pained and bittered she obviously love the guy.”

in Prints reacted:

“May God grant you guys a happy ending.”

Joseh _apparel said:

“Beautiful couple.”

TEESTEEDO reacted:

“God will continue to bless ur home.”

BIG DAVO said:


Destiny said:

“I pray God bless u guys more to change the couch.”

Elderly couple display sweet love

Meanwhile, Henzodaily.ng previously reported that in an adorable video shared by @odumodu_twin7 on TikTok, an elderly husband and wife walked hand in hand on the road.

The husband was visually impaired, but his devoted wife guided him, ensuring their safe passage as they walked on the side of the road.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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