JUST IN: Supreme Council Seeks FG, States Intervention On 2024 Hajj

Jalal Ahmad, CEO Of National Hajj Commission

Supreme Council Seeks FG, States Intervention On 2024 Hajj


The Supreme Council for Sharia in (SCSN) has urged the federal and state governments to step in and address the escalating crisis surrounding Nigeria's preparations for the 2024 Hajj pilgrimage.
In a statement released yesterday by the Secretary General of SCSN, Nafi'u Baba-Ahmed, concerns were raised about the sluggish pace of preparations for the Hajj, with Nigeria failing to meet deadlines set by Saudi Arabian authorities.

Baba-Ahmed expressed concern over the current state of affairs, highlighting the uncertainty looming over intending pilgrims. He emphasized that the lack of progress in preparations not only endangers the safety of pilgrims but also breeds fear and doubt among those who have already made payments.

“The council's extensive consultations and investigations revealed disturbing deficits in the state of preparations for the Hajj. Deadlines set by the Saudi Arabian authorities are in danger of being breached, leaving thousands of potential pilgrims uncertain about their payments and the possibility of performing the Hajj,” stated Baba-Ahmed.
Furthermore, he pointed out that Nigeria is unlikely to fill even half of its allocated slots for the pilgrimage, raising concerns that many who have made payments may be denied the opportunity to fulfill this religious obligation.

Acknowledging efforts to address issues arising from fluctuating exchange rates, Baba-Ahmed commended these initiatives but stressed the urgent need for additional measures by both federal and state governments to streamline the process and ensure as many as possible can partake in the Hajj.

“The failure of Muslims to perform this year's Hajj, or the loss of opportunities by thousands due to circumstances beyond their control, would be an intolerable setback. The council appeals to all elected officials and influential individuals to contribute towards averting a serious disruption to the expectations of potential pilgrims,” he said.

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