JUST IN: Nigerian Man Gets Truck and a Brand-new Car, Celebrates with a Captivating Photo

Nigerian Man Gets Truck and a Brand-new Car, Celebrates with a Captivating Photo

Man Gets Truck and a Brand-new , Celebrates with a Captivating


A young Nigerian man who bought a brand and a truck at the same time shared the good news onlineIn the video, the was seen posing close to the car and truck with a sense of prideIn another clip, he captured the truck on the road which showed that it was an active automobile, good enough for Nigerian road

In a remarkable display of success and ambition, a young Nigerian entrepreneur has recently taken a significant leap forward by acquiring not one, but two new vehicles—a luxurious car and a heavy-duty truck.

His excitement was palpable as he took to the digital world to broadcast his achievements as shown by @patrick6314.

The young man showed his new cars. Photo credit: patrick6314

The video he posted was a vivid tableau of his triumph; he stood there, a figure of sheer elation, flanked by the gleaming metal and polished paintwork of his car, a testament to his hard work and determination.

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As the video progressed, viewers were treated to a captivating scene of the truck, a symbol of his business acumen, powering down the roads of Nigeria.

Watch the video below:

Henzodaily.ng compiled some of the reactions below:

ThaiBhatMoni said:

“Over sense dey worry u guyyyy congrats big investment.”

Mk_Moneys wrote:

“How much is the price now?”

Officialprince442 commented:

“Na only me see glen .”


“I wan purchase the truck how much e cost abeg.”


“U get sense Abeg congrats.”

Stone :

“Agu!! Congratulations.”


“@Onyia Daniel:big congratulations.”


“Nah yoU get sense pass,best vibes, Investment and flexingO.”

Young man spends millions to get truck

Meanwhile, Henzodaily.ng earlier reported that a Nigerian man with a smart business move acquired a truck after he made it in life.

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He did not spend on flashy cars and lifestyle.

He (@bigdollar120) shared a video of the new truck and congratulated himself on the success.

Buys Benz truck

In another related story, Henzodaily.ng reported that a young Nigerian man has earned the admiration of internet users after acquiring a Mercedes-Benz truck.

The young man, identified as @godsplan478 on TikTok, showcased his new acquisition in style as he congratulated himself.

He shared pictures and a video of himself posing with the new truck with excitement.

Source: Henzodaily.ng

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