JUST IN: NiDCOM Boss Lauds Optiva Capital, Commits To Diaspora Investment Collaboration

NiDCOM Boss Lauds Optiva Capital, Commits To Diaspora Investment Collaboration

NiDCOM Lauds Optiva Capital, Commits To Diaspora Investment Collaboration


The chairman/CEO, in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM), Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, has commended 's foremost investment immigration company, Optiva Capital Partners, for taking the lead in addressing opportunities that will be of immense benefit to Nigerians in the diaspora.

Hon. Dabiri-Erewa made the remark while receiving the wealth management company led by its Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Jane Kimemia, at the NiDCOM office in .

She emphasised NiDCOM's readiness to collaborate with Optiva Capital Partners to advance diaspora investment initiatives and harness the potential of Nigerians residing overseas.

Recognising the current needs of 's economy, she highlighted the significance of partnering with reputable firms like Optiva Capital Partners to garner global support for structured diaspora investments. This collaboration aims to drive sustainable economic growth and strengthen ties between the diaspora and their homeland.

In her remarks, Dr. Kimemia expressed gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with NiDCOM. She emphasised Optiva Capital's specialisation in investment immigration, advisory services, international real , and insurance.

Kimemia highlighted that Optiva's investment immigration platform serves as a means to facilitate diaspora investments in Nigeria, leveraging the firm's extensive network of international partners.

She highlighted Optiva's ability to offer diverse investment solutions across different geographic locations and asset classes. Dr. Kimemia further underscored Nigeria's potential across various sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, and hospitality, expressing confidence in the country's market viability.

In her words, “Our clients are global citizens and Nigeria has a viable market in various sectors of the economy such as manufacturing, , hospitality that can thrive and that is where we come in.”

She reiterated the role of NiDCOM as a vital bridge between Nigeria and its diaspora, facilitating mutual growth and development. She pledged strategic collaboration with NiDCOM to enhance diaspora investment opportunities, enabling the diaspora to contribute significantly to their homeland's development through new ventures.

Through this partnership, NiDCOM and Optiva Capital Partners aimed to foster a conducive environment for diaspora investment, driving socio-economic progress and prosperity for Nigeria and its diaspora community.

Optiva Capital Partners is Africa's leading wealth management company.  Optiva is supported by a rich network of international partners with specialisation in investment immigration, immigration advisory, international real estate, and insurance services. Optiva has established a reputation for excellence with a broad base of knowledge and experience from years of providing solutions to thousands of families across the .

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