JUST IN: Neymar’s Father To Pay Dani Alves’ €1m Bail Fee

Ex-Barcelona Dani Alves To Be Freed On €1m Bail After Rape Conviction

Neymar's To Pay ' €1m Fee


After reportedly persuading Neymar's father to pay his €1 million (£850,00/$1.09m) bail, Dani Alves is set to be released from this week.

Marca claims that Neymar's father has consented to cover the bond needed to release Alves from custody. The former full-back was found guilty of and sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison.

The full-back's accounts were frozen during the legal proceedings, making it impossible for him to afford the bail amount. However, Neymar's father will be responsible for depositing the €1m bail, clearing the way for the former player to be released from custody later this week, according to La Vanguardia [via BeSoccer].

On August 9, Neymar allegedly sent €150,000 to the Spanish courts as “mitigating compensation for damage caused.” He received a minimum sentence of four years on Thursday, and it is believed that this payment had a significant influence on the sentence duration.

Alves's legacy, which was previously moulded by his achievements with Barcelona, has now been overshadowed by his unlawful acts. Notably, he is the player with 43 professional football trophies, second only to 's (44). If granted bail, he will be under for the next three years of his sentence.


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