JUST IN: “My Husband Makes Unpleasant Comments About My Cooking Which Irritates Me”, Counsellor Shares Advice

“My Husband Makes Unpleasant Comments About My Cooking Which Irritates Me”, Counsellor Shares Advice

“My Husband Makes Unpleasant Comments About My Cooking Which Irritates Me”, Counsellor Shares Advice


A 34-year-old wife is not happy that her cooking was appreciated by everyone else apart from her husbandThe who spoke anonymously said she has been facing this issue for a while and is careful not to let it escalateIn an interview with Henzodaily.ng, Omotola Akinwale, a counselling psychologist, shared tips on how the situation can be corrected

Henzodaily.ng journalist Ridwan Adeola Yusuf has over 9 years of experience covering marriage and matters.

Ikeja, state – A 34-year-old wife would like to know how she can win her husband over as he does not make good comments about her meals.

“To give my background, I have been for less than a year and have known my husband for nearly six years. My husband is the most straightforward person I know, who at times doesn't realise that there is a thin line between being straightforward and being rude.

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“In my case, my husband used to be highly critical of prepared by me. In the years that I have known him, I have hardly seen him compliment me on my cooking even though I have learnt everything from scratch, trying new things to impress as I barely cook at my parent's place.

“Any dish that was prepared had one major reaction from my husband – criticism. It used to discourage me big time! I started to dread cooking as a whole, and eventually used to mess up the dish by almost always adding less salt than required.

“After beating up myself for some time, I realised a few things:

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1. My cooking was appreciated by everyone else apart from my husband. That means, I couldn't have been all that bad!

2. More than the criticism, I used to get hurt by the tone in which it was communicated.”

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How to deal with husband who complains about food: Expert

Omotola Akinwale presently works as a psychologist at Mycarebuddy, a Lagos-based mental health therapy startup. Akinwale has trained dozens of individuals (on-site and offline) across Western Nigeria on different topics about mental and emotional health wellness.

This is a dicey situation; it's a two-way thing. Someone commenting on ‘the food is trash and all of that'. There is a side that ask, ‘is he telling the truth or is he using this to just spite her?

So what we would ask is, the food she is making, how good is it to the taste of the husband?

Is it something he has corrected her on? Regardless of if the food is nice or not, one shouldn't make it seem like one's spouse doesn't know what they are doing.

And what you want to consider here is sarcasm. The man makes comments about her cooking, but what exactly is she cooking? Is it what he is saying or how he is saying what he is saying that gets to her? She is saying she finds it irritating. What she can do is to have a conversation with the man. ‘What exactly about my cooking and food don't you like?' After she says that, then she can now go to ‘I don't like the unpleasant comments; you can nicely tell me that the food is undone, it is undercooked, watery, etc'. The wife should politely tell her hubby not to come for her like there is a quarrel between them.

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Having a conversation about it is key. You should have a spouse that you can talk to.

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